XL Shopping Centre and Offices Breda
the Netherlands

havermans : hielkema
Grosfeld Van der Velde Architecten

Together we designed and completed a complex of 16,000 m2 retail and 5,000 m2 office space. A two-storey shopping centre with a central square atrium and three entrances, each in line with one side of the central square creating easy flow of movement within the complex. On the ground floor we placed the mega supermarket along a series of large individual shops. The second floor holds additional smaller shops spaces and gives access to a parking deck with offices.

Since the entire complex is next to a Dutch Premier League football stadium and no windows allowed, we placed it on a firm concrete plinth. With a double layer of perforated steel Omega-profiles in a light grey pearlescent finish on top. Carving out large openings for the different entrances the remaining hundreds of meters of façade produce a stunning Moiré effects in sun- and artificial light thanks to this unique layered perforated pearlescent technique.