Plato’s Marbles Napkin Ring Tealight Holder

Plato’s Marbles is a collection of diamond and hexagon shaped marble rings for the dining -, coffee – and side table. A series of precious architectonic objects that can be used both as napkin rings and tealight holders. Enabling restaurateurs and home gourmets to decorate their tables with smart marble shapes. Either standing up with a napkin or down with a tealight, Plato’s Marbles are a chique addition to any table.

A brainstorm with renowned British chef Tom Oldroyd on how to combine minimalistic style with grand hospitality on the layout of Oldroyd’s dining tables, sparked EYKING to create Plato’s Marbles. Two different shapes: diamond and hexagon rings in two specially sourced rich marbles: Bianco Carrara from Italy and Nero Marquina from Spain.

After removal of the napkin, the ring can be placed flat on the table and a tealight safely inserted since the tapered opening prevents surface burns. Both the marble diamonds and hexagons can be combined freely or pieced together to create larger platonic shapes.


Hexagon: 7 x 6 x 2 cm. (l x w x h)
Diamond: 7 x 11.5 x 2 cm. (l x w x h)