BAM-House The Hague the Netherlands

For the 7,000 m2 headquarters for Holland’s largest Contractor, Royal BAM Group, we created a new identity by binding the three different divisions together with a strong colour scheme. Deliberately steering away from their own corporate colours we introduced a series of horizontal sequences of red, yellow and white, visually linking all activities within the building. Fitting out the meeting rooms in layers of 100% wool felt to create textual variation while simultaneously softening acoustics.

Each floor consists of both open and closed workplaces. Glass fronted individual workplaces ran along one the side of the building in line with the elevators, main staircases and toilets. The remaining wider floor is a landscape of open-plan workplaces dotted with pods to house support- and storage facilities.

To complement the bold lines we developed the Raising Lantern, a series of stackable lampshades with multiple light sources. Creating towering sculptures of light in communal areas and meeting rooms and corresponding pendants.