Studio Lawrence designs, produces and sells quality furniture for the project and residential markets. Using high quality materials and the best in European manufacturing Studio Lawrence create enduring and timeless pieces. Most of the furniture is modular, flexible and part of the extensive program, which allows designers and consumers to customise the pieces to their specifications. Consumers can easily adapt, engage and play with the designs and pieces.


Patrick de Louwere and Bart Eijking met at university, after graduating in Architecture in 1996 and completing a combined tour of some of the Netherlands’ finest architectural practices, they founded eijkingdelouwere in 2004. To fulfill their dream, a present day combination of craftsmanship and the arts, they established Studio Lawrence in 2007.

The designers’ fascination with sequences, composition and colour lies at the heart of all Studio Lawrence’s products. While the individual pieces tell their own tales, each acts as a facet to a broader and coherent collection. The use of modular pieces and sequences in the design creates an active dialogue with the viewer, calling them to discover and create their own stories.

Kortrijk Interior Biennale

To Gather

To Gather is a sofa system of individual tactile elements, designed to be pieced together creating endless seating combinations that can continually transform. A two-seater linear sofa can convert into a loveseat, seats lined up in a waiting room or corporate lounge can become colourful constellations encouraging engagement. The standard seat is 50 cm. wide and is available with a set of arms, a single arm or without, and a wider 75 cm. The arms can hold a square cushion to be used as a surface for working on or a laptop. These individual seats can then be linked using a variety of angled and square connecting elements creating endless seating combinations.

Last Supper Table

The Last Supper Table comprises different segments, available in many colours and wood veneer, which can be interchanged, creating a variety of compositions. The Last Supper Table’s striking lined sequences are formed using Fibonacci’s numbers to dictate the varying widths of individual tabletop pieces. Three different types of leg are available and the whole segment is visible from top to bottom, creating its own line within the tabletop sequence. Starting at 2.10m in length the table can grow to any length as additional segments and legs are added; a standard dining table can transform into a conference or community table.

Along These Lines

Along These Lines comprises a system of vertical felt lanes suspended on a steel rail, creating beautiful wall coverings of any size that add soft volume to any space. The 2mm 100% merino wool felt is eco-friendly and sourced from Germany‘s leading supplier. Available in twelve colours, the lanes are cut in widths of the first five values of the Fibonacci sequence and run parallel. The lanes can be layered up to create texture and the easy-to-manage hanging system means the lanes can be rearranged, creating a constantly changing composition. Along These Lines is a playful and dynamic piece, designed to improve both aesthetics and acoustics.


Outwardly, the Wonky is simple; a monochrome solid wood seat sits on a metal frame. The chair appears different from every angle however, as the seat is asymmetrically cut in wonky shapes. Five asymmetrical Wonky seats are available in black and white and can be placed on complementary or contrasting black or white metal frames creating twenty variations to choose from. Seen together, the varying Wonky’s form a quirky sculptural landscape and create new playful perspectives around any table. Create your unique combination and for further personal touch, add a round black felt cushion for extra comfort and contrast.

Raising Lantern

The Raising Lantern is a series of stacked cylindrical shades, creating arresting and sculptural compositions. The modular stackable system of 10 different shades can create dramatic floor lamps or pendant lights, ranging in height from 80cm to a towering 3.4m. The Raising Lantern is the most extensive, flexible and effortless lighting system to date. To illustrate the possibilities we have designed 380 different Raising Lanterns. The Raising Lantern comes in a flat pack and can be easily assembled, enabling large, dramatic volumes to be created instantly.


Harlekino is a range of stickable acoustic wallpaper, enabling everybody to create all sorts of patterns in all sorts of colours. The traditional harlequin pattern is colourful and designed to make a statement. The diamonds of the Harlekino give an opportunity to create a beautiful wall covering of any size that adds soft volume to any space. The 2mm 100% merino wool felt is eco-friendly and sourced from Germany‘s leading supplier, reinforcing Studio Lawrence‘s belief in using only the highest quality European materials and manufacturing. Harlekino is a playful and dynamic piece, designed to improve both aesthetics and acoustics.

Dutch Flowers

Dutch Flowers are bespoke wall tapestries made from 100% merino wool felt, sourced from Germany’s leading supplier. The wall tapestries’ bespoke designs are developed from one-off sketches by Patrick de Louwere, featuring flowers, fish and birds. The flowing lines of the design complement the central theme of nature. The felt used in Dutch Flowers is environmentally friendly and improves acoustics and aesthetics in the home, office and public spaces.


Inspired by the Dutch skies the table’s colour palette draws on the natural hues of clouds in combinations of white, grey and black. Large Clouds are available in three sizes with compositions based on the golden section comprising of four rectangular segments in white, black and grey. Two Small Clouds and one round Cloud Table are available in compositions with two fields in the same standard shades.

Reflections In Ink

The rug collection combines craftsmanship and contemporary design. The design on the Reflections In Ink rugs was born from original ink sketches of diagonal and orthogonal series by Patrick De Louwere. Made using the very best materials and manufacturing, the rugs are hand tufted using 100% New Zealand Wool and use 4kg of wool per square meter. A looped pile creates soft volume and texture for the diagonal series while. For the orthogonal, a cut pile of two lengths is used to create the sense of ink lying upon the page.