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Christian Raffin Oil on Board

Eduardo Tamayo Oil on Canvas

Jan Hendrik Grauenkamp Oil on Canvas

Julien Legars Oil on Canvas

Fascinated by art from a very early age, Bart bought a small etching of Dutch artist Jan Montyn with his pocket money. During his studies as an architect he devoured books on art and art history, further nurturing his passion by regular visits to museums and galleries both in Holland and abroad in the company of leading Dutch art historian Kees Vollemans. Forging many friendships with young artists whose early works he proudly owns. Moving to London in 2008 opened up yet another treasure trove in the shape of Portobello Antique Market. No Saturday goes by without a morning visit to Portobello and its passionate dealers. Many of them have been there for decades exclusively selling what they love the most, telling you all about their passions in the process. A great way of tapping into years of experience.

Trailing auctions, fairs and galleries Bart’s always on the look out for something that fits his unique style of mixing modern art with antiques and his own furniture with flea market finds and 1950’s Italian pieces. Over the years he has amassed a great number of artworks and interesting pieces that are constantly regrouped and rehung in order to look at them with new eyes. He’s now sharing his taste on Instagram and offering a glimpse of his rich pickings, some of them for sale.

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