A Truely Independant Christmas

Christmas is coming, time to slow down and reflect upon our achievements. We have had a very productive 2018 and would like to thank our staff, suppliers and clients for their commitment and input. It wouldn't be the same without all of you, it would be impossible. So...

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Planning Permission Application

Application for Planning Permission of the family home we’re currently designing in the Rotterdam Area, the Netherlands. Building will start May 2016. The site is located in the middle of a traditional 30’s urban environment, forcing the shape of the house...

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Introduction of Upside Downs

thethestore. introduces Dutch designer Bart Eyking’s new collection of coffee and side tables, ‘Upside downs’ for SS16, as part of Shoreditch Design Triangle. Upside Downs consist of marble blocks floating on polished stainless steel frames. The minimal...

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